Does Company Culture Matter for Your Remote and Freelance Workers? You Bet!

  • Inspire. Create and articulate a purposeful vision of what their work is doing for the organization — and for them personally.
  • Communicate. Share company news and information consistently so every member of your workforce feels equally involved in day-to-day business.
  • Assess. Provide regular feedback, input, and direction throughout a project so no one ever feels like they’re working in a vacuum.
  • Acknowledge. Highlight your contingent workers’ performance and contributions both to the team and, when appropriate, with the company at large.
  • Develop. Invest in skills-building opportunities and learning events so everyone feels supported, challenged, and in it for the long haul.
  • Connect. If you can’t get your team together in person on a regular basis, create a digital “water cooler” by holding virtual team lunches, scheduling regular yet informal phone chats, or hosting brown bag sessions where everyone listens and learns together.



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Candra Canning

Candra Canning


Candra Canning is the founder of Live Bright Now. She’s been coaching corporate leaders + teams to brighten their performance for 20 years. Candra believes a br