15 Reasons to Take Our Bright Culture Pledge

When you download our free Bright Culture Pledge (use the form at the bottom of this page, you’ll get 15 guidelines to help you develop great company culture. We’ve thought long and hard about every point on this pledge (trust us, there were plenty that didn’t make the cut). Here, we explain why each one of these commitments is essential to building a culture where your teams and your organization can shine.

I will prioritize culture as an essential part of our business strategy. Studies show that nearly one-third of employees leave their job within the first 90 days because of culture issues. Business leaders who take a passive approach to company culture risk employee turnover, worker dissatisfaction, and low productivity rates.

I will build an intentional culture so people can shine. The keyword here is “intentional.” Culture happens whether or not you’re paying attention to it — it’s simply the way your company does (or doesn’t) get things done. Actively shaping and defining your workplace culture means you can bring out the best in everyone and achieve the results you desire

I will create an inspiring company vision that transcends profit. People want to feel connected to a greater purpose — even (or especially!) while they’re at work. When leaders regularly articulate the bigger “why” of their company, teams are willing to go the extra mile because they’re working toward something more meaningful than just the company’s bottom line.

I will help people connect their hearts + minds to the greater mission. When we’re inspired and motivated at work, we carry those amazing feelings into our “real” life, too. In this sense, a bright company culture is a direct link to bright individuals + bright communities — even to a brighter world.

I will involve everyone. Let everyone from tenured pros and new hires to fulltime workers and freelancers know the important role they each play in reaching the company’s short- and long-term goals. Remember: Every single person at your organization contributes to your culture.

I will communicate like crazy. Working in a vacuum is demoralizing (and can create confusion). So articulate, announce, express, define, and verbalize clearly and often — and then repeat!

I will encourage two-way conversations with employees + customers. No echo chambers here! Listening, engaging, responding, and re-thinking is how best practices are created — and perfected.

I will model our values with my own words + actions. Leaders build trust by demonstrating integrity and transparency. Make sure you embody and reflect the very brightest aspects of your company culture.

I will commit to my team’s growth + development. Do you know what happens when you invest in your workers? They turn right around and invest back in you (and your company).

I will be generous + supportive with development feedback. Providing regular, constructive feedback is essential to a healthy team. People want sincere feedback, and they need it so they can perform at their very best.

I will take risks + learn from my mistakes. If you want to build a culture where teams innovate, you must show them that it’s not only safe to make mistakes, it’s encouraged and celebrated.

I will create rituals that connect + celebrate our team. Rituals and celebrations reflect your organization’s deepest values. They provide the very framework needed for a bright, intentional culture.

I will assume positive intent. When you start with the belief that everyone is doing (and being) their very best, great things follow: compassion, empathy, generosity, kindness, and patience.

I will continue to learn + grow. You have a responsibility to evolve as a leader by building knowledge, mastering new skills, and embracing new perspectives.

I will be grateful for the opportunity to lead. Remember, leading others is an honor and a privilege.

Candra Canning is the founder of Live Bright Now. She’s been coaching corporate leaders + teams to brighten their performance for 20 years. Candra believes a bright company culture creates bright individuals + bright communities — even a brighter world.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to download our free Bright Culture Pledge.




Candra Canning is the founder of Live Bright Now. She’s been coaching corporate leaders + teams to brighten their performance for 20 years. Candra believes a br

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Candra Canning

Candra Canning

Candra Canning is the founder of Live Bright Now. She’s been coaching corporate leaders + teams to brighten their performance for 20 years. Candra believes a br

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